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Theater Arts: Drama
Plays for Page or Stage

Paul Bowman


A Play in One Act

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O:JA&L Theater Arts Drama: Plays for Page or Stage One-Act Play Paul Bowman "Street Scene"

A homeless man saves the life of a successful lawyer. They learn they went to the same high school. Their lives went on different paths.

SYNOPSIS: BUB, a homeless man, encounters a man, THOMAS, who has been wounded by gunfire. BUB applies a tourniquet. BUB guesses that THOMAS has made a drug buy. BUB also knows they went to the same high school. While they wait for the ambulance, BUB learns that THOMAS married a girl BUB had a crush on. A police officer arrives. THOMAS throws his drug buy in BUB’S cart. The officer finds it and is going to arrest BUB. BUB releases the tourniquet, removes a photo of his past love from THOMAS’S wallet and leaves him in the care of the officer.


About the playwright:
Paul Bowman writes plays and fictions. His one-acts have been staged in twelve states and in Australia. Three short plays and twenty-one stories have been published in literary journals. STREET SCENE was awarded an “Honorable Mention” in this year’s Drury University One-Act Play Competition.

Image: Unknown Victim by Samson Schames (1898-1967). Mosaic: wire, nails, glass and pottery fragments in lime/gypsum. No size specified. 1940/41. No known copyright restrictions.

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