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Theater Arts
Drama: Plays for Page or Stage

Martin Heavisides


(Click on the title to explore or download the script and casting notes.)

Ronin’s Vigil by Firestorm185x


Synopsis:  Act I
“Death by MIsadventure” tells of the unmourned death of Adam Tarrant Arcane, a multi- billionaire who is in an automobile accident brought about by his micromanaging self-absorption, watched over in his last hours by two exes and a current wife who can barely conceal their glee at his passing, any more than the guests can at the funeral.

Synopsis:  Act II
“Are You Now,” takes place 60 years in the future, at a time when the wealthy are able to extend their lifespans greatly if not indefinitely, and there are laws against living past 80 which apply to most of the population but not those wealthy enough to purchase surplus years and obfuscate their lifespans with floating identities. This act begins with an attractive woman attempting to stave off Evacuation (having been accused, though she is 27, of being 80 in secret) with an appeal to a Shark Tank-like company of four billionaires, and ends with a raid on a makeshift city of large cardboard boxes by the Year Police.


About the playwright:
Martin Heavisides has written sixteen full length plays (including a cycle of three), with a number of others in progress, and upwards of a hundred one act or five to fifteen minute plays. EMPTY BOWL has been published in The Linnet’s Wings and given a live staged reading by the Living Theatre in New York. CSI GRANDMA’S HOUSE has been produced in a Zoom production by the Quarantine Players and will soon be published by Next Stage Press.

Image: Ronin’s Vigil by Firestorm185x (contemporary). Digital Cyberpunk image created by a prompt to Midjourney AI. 2022. By free license.

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