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Theater Arts
Screen Writing: Feature Film

Harvey Havel


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Abandoned Clergy House by Albert Chmielowski


Are we really the masters of our fates and the captains of our souls? Buck Harrow seems to think so. He’s been demoted to a low-level real estate agent after screwing up a major uptown deal. He’s been forced to sell off his comfortable home. His wife won’t stop complaining, and he’s got mountains of debt he can’t afford to pay. And now he’s hungry to take back what he’s lost. As long as he has faith in himself and believes that it is his destiny to succeed, he has no question that he can make a comeback. But what happens to Buck when he refuses to admit that the house he just purchased was once the home of his father who killed his wife and then himself?

The Chosen is a screenplay that makes us wonder if we are really in control of our destinies. It shows how an ambitious man leaves himself open to supernatural forces that tempt him into murder. The slow transformation of Buck Harrow is reminiscent of what Stanley Kubrick portrayed in The Shining, and the lure of the fast lane is nothing short of The Devil’s Advocate. For everyone who has ever thought they have control over their lives, The Chosen will make them think twice.


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Image: Abandoned Clergy House by Albert Chmielowski (1846-1916). Oil on canvas. 27.9 x 22.3 inches. 1888. Public domain.

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