Volunteer Opportunity at O:JA&L

Wanted: Contributing Editor for Theater Arts

OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters (O:JA&L), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation registered in California, recently lost a valued team member to COVID 19. As a result, O:JA&L must now actively recruit a skilled and diplomatic (politically neutral) volunteer to serve as Contributing Editor for Theater Arts. 

The qualified candidate would have a degree, training, or commensurate experience in a field directly associated with the theater arts or the film industry (including theater arts education) and have a verifiable IMDb profile. The ideal candidate will be a retired or semi-retired theater arts professional and will have substantial verifiable performance credits or producer’s or director’s credits or credits as a writer for screen and/or stage. 

The qualified candidate would be able to:

  • contribute an average of three (3) hours per week of documented volunteer service
  • assist with development of submission guidelines for screen plays of several types, staged productions and closet dramas, stage/set design, and related theater-specific specialties, including performance arts
  • develop and issue calls for submissions in all theater arts categories, including video and audio submissions of performance arts
  • receive and accept or decline submissions in all theater arts categories and including video and audio submissions
  • identify industry awards/honors and nominate appropriate O:JA&L contributors for same

In addition to the core tasks listed above, the ideal candidate would be able to:

  • contribute an average of more than three (3) hours of documented volunteer service per week
  • contribute a minimum of three original essays or articles of 300-1000 words on topics of interest to the theater arts community (volunteer service hours for essays/articles credited at 1 hour per 100 words)
  • assist with fundraising for O:JA&L theater arts awards, publishing or production projects

United States Internal Revenue Service regulations will not permit O:JA&L to place a monetary value on time and materials contributed to the nonprofit corporation. O:JA&L will be able to provide volunteers with an annual letter/receipt for volunteer hours on the basis of three (3) documented hours per week minimum (156 annual hours) and any additional documented service hours. Volunteers will work with their accountants or tax professionals to develop an appropriate value for these volunteer services.


Respond with questions or with letter of interest and CV to ojal.associate.editor@gmail.com or to editor@ojalart.com