Open Call for Submissions



OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters will consider book reviews that evaluate or develop critical context for the titles in the current offerings of small independent presses and publishers. O:JA&L will also consider reviews of books by authors whose work we have published in the journal.

Titles to be reviewed must be a recent publication (published between 2015 and 2020) and may be of any of the following types: poetry, fiction, nonfiction (including essays and CNF), or sequential art stories. Eligible titles include anthologies and single-author collections.

Reviews should be between 500 and 1500 words and should include the book’s full publication information in MLA Format. MLA citation standards may be found in this reference link:

Reviewers should include an accurate and complete description of the subject(s) of the book and what the author has to say about the subject or subjects.

Reviewers should avoid “spoilers.”

Book review submissions are accepted continuously. Simultaneous submissions are considered with the understanding that O:JA&L will receive prompt notice from the submitter if a piece is accepted elsewhere.

Reviews should be submitted electronically as .docx documents through the Submissions Manager.

Reviewers should include their own personal biographical statements in third person, up to 75 words.