Special Announcements

Call for Studio Arts: Painting & drawing

Oil, acrylic/other paintings on canvas/other.

2020 Theme: “Lovers”

Submissions should be previously unpublished and not available to an image search on the internet.

Interpret the theme in its broadest sense. Images may be traditionally representational or experimental and may be the product of any creative process or technique.

Artists should include a single representative image with the submission. Submission of additional images to be considered may be made available to O:JA&L through a link to an online portfolio or gallery. O:JA&L art editors will assume that images provided through the link meet guidelines and that permission is granted to O:JA&L by the submitter to select and publish any images from the linked portfolio/gallery.

Artists should include a cover letter that provides a professional biography in third person of up to 50 words.

Links to commercial sites where this art is available for purchase are welcome.

For each image, artist should specify title, series (if any), size, and completion date. Images selected for publication must be provided to O:JA&L as a .jpg that can be reproduced at 1,650 pixels wide.

Expedited evaluation of your submission is available for an optional fee. Payment of this fee encourages a 72-hour response by the O:JA&L editors.

Editors may nominate submissions accepted in this category for the annual O:JA&L Art Prize.

Category opens: January 1, 2020                              Category closes: December 31, 2020


Image: Faust and Marguerite in the Garden (cropped) by Ary Scheffer (1795-1858). Oil on canvas.  85.8 x 53.1 inches. 1846. Public domain.