Bradford Richardson

Awkward Moments

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A Romantic Dramedy with a twist of Magical Realism

If you believed a broken heart could kill, would you risk your best friend’s heart on a chance at true love or, would you let them go?

Photographer Matt Crisp grew-up believing his Mother died of a broken heart. That’s why he’s never been able to risk his best friend Maggie’s heart on a chance at true love. But remaining friends with the woman he’s been in love with since they were kids is trickier than Matt expected. When Matt blows his last shot at romance with Maggie, and she begins dating a guy Matt despises, Matt’s panicked-wish for a do-over is granted. But this wish has a mind of its own and forces him to briefly step back into his photos of his most awkward moments with her. He thinks it’s to win her back, but as each re-do moment goes comically wrong, the repercussions make winning her back seem impossible. That is until Matt gets to revisit his last childhood moment with his Mother where he learns true love is worth the risk of a broken heart. All he has to do is prove it to Maggie.

Circles of Time by Nico Anthony Renato Marrocco


About the writer:
Bradford Richardson has been an amateur stock car driver, the Lead Graphic Designer for the Coen Brothers’ FARGO and THE BIG LEBOWSKI, THE MIGHTY DUCKS, SUGAR & SPICE, and Tim Burton’s SUPERMAN LIVES and is now an emerging screenwriter who’s successfully written on assignment. Richardson’s short scripts, feature scripts, and TV Pilot have been Winners & Top Finalists in multiple leading competitions, including Amazon Studios, Austin, Screencraft, Stage 32, Screamfest LA, NBC and ABC Writers Showcases.

Image: Circles of Time by Nico Anthony Renato Marrocco. Pen and marker on paper. No size specified. 2018. By permission.