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Robbi Nester

Space Talk

OJAL Art Poetry: All forms & styles Robbie Nester Space Talk
Formula of the Universe by Pavel Filonov

Above us on the screen we see a photograph

from the new Webb telescope, focused on a tiny

patch of space, revealing countless galaxies

no other humans ever knew were there.

Here’s a nebula where stars are forged

of compressed dust and heat, just as, we’re

told, the God of Genesis once formed

humans out of dust. At the end of their

long stellar lives, they too return to dust

in the cold apparent emptiness of space.

A black hole lies at the center of our galaxy,

the planets circling like marbles in a vortex,

painted horses on a carousel. Glamorous

Jupiter with her train of moons, storm

always swirling on the surface, Saturn

and its rings of broken rock, small blue

Earth, edging ever closer to that black

dilated pupil, where they’ll one day

be reduced to nothingness, a mystery

no telescope will ever parse. It’s gravity

that keeps the planets on their track,

the same force that draws us toward

our eventual undoing. At the end,

the dust comes out again to welcome us.


About the writer:
Robbi Nester is the author of four books of poems and theee anthologies. She curates and hosts two virtual poetry readings a month.

Image: Formula of the Universe by Pavel Filonov (1882-1941). No medium specified. No size specified. 1928. Public domain.

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