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Mike Puican

Conversation with a Skunk

Reservee by Radojica Noe




“Aren’t you.           “The grubs             The two realized         Said the              “We are both
the one,”              in your.                      they were                     skunk,                  moved
said the man,     fortress are            speaking.                       “I have.                   by a spirit
“who’s                  especially               in tongues,                   succumbed        of uselessness,”
been                     flavorful,”                as if                               to an                    said the man,
eating                   the.                            touched                       imagination
up.                          skunk                       by the                           I am unable        “and it
my lawn?”.             replied.                      Holy Spirit.                    to express.”           delights us.”

About the writer:
Mike Puican’s debut book of poetry, Central Air, was released by Northwestern Press last August. He’s had poems in OPEN: JA&L, Poetry, and New England Review among others. He was a member of the Chicago Slam Team and has been a long-time board member for the Guild Literary Complex. He has taught poetry to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals at the Federal Metropolitan Correctional Center and St. Leonard’s House in Chicago.

Image: Reservee by Radojica Živanović Noe (1903-1944). No medium specified. No size specified. 1931. Public domain.

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