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Lauren Camp

Faraway Love

A meditation on Agnes Martin

Love from The Kaleidoscura Tiles by Rex Wilder

The internet has shown me bad reproductions Art-sick I’ve
.       paid attention to how one year she tightened

meals down to walnuts, hard
cheese and homegrown tomatoes a diet of least
.                               with no twist or extension  I read and read

.             and don’t realize a thing Days keep on, gray-

drifted then bracket to green Mind-raw she made moments skim
.            to percentages to better whole

.       what she couldn’t       It’s impossible to see through

the mist but the barely visible
is a comfort    suckering me to the swing of light


About the writer:
Lauren Camp is the author of five books, most recently Took House (Tupelo Press). Honors include the Dorset Prize and a finalist citation for the Arab American Book Award. Her poems have appeared in Kenyon Review, Witness and Poet Lore, and been translated into Mandarin, Turkish, Spanish, and Arabic. Explore or download Camp’s pamphlet Matrix and Critical Vector now in release as a PDF from O:JA&L’s Buttonhook Press.

Image: Love from The Kaleidoscura Tiles by Rex Wilder (contemporary). Digital image. No technical information specified. 2022. By permission.

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