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Keith T. Fancher

Kid Stuff

Storm Mountains by Rinaldo Cuneo

A “pressure system,” the invisible
wind like a wave which never breaks,
all rolling crescendo forever
and the jets surf it inland like it’s their own
personal hand of god,
steady as a diagram
of three rays, the tines of a trident.

“Air Force” —
chapter six from the grimoire.

They’re smaller than seagulls
and silent behind the glass.
Yes, I can appreciate that

millions are dead.
But listen:
it’s so quiet today!

Reading a poem
by Robert Creeley at the window.
For Love
and the pantomime of force
skipping across the surface of the real

Old Neptune
splashing in the sea.


About the writer:
Keith T. Fancher was born in the California redwoods and raised in the Blue Ridge foothills. He holds a BS in computer science and an MA in film studies, which are no help at all when publishing poetry. He lives in San Francisco.

Image: Storm Mountains by Rinaldo Cuneo (1877-1939). Oil on canvas. No size specified. Circa 1930. Public domain.

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