Jessica Renee Dawson

rushing waters

today the river speaks
a little louder

The Aven Stream by Charles Laval

About the writer:
Jessica Renee Dawson has a background as newsletter editor for mental health focused non-profits. Dawson went on to study as a mature student at North Island College. In addition, Dawson is an award-winning artist and enjoys observing natural beauty in the world around her. As a person with disabilities (which include extreme mobility issues), Dawson’s art and poetry continue to travel the world to places she will never go–like Argentina, Korea, Nigeria, and Wales. In April 2020, Dawson was a haiku contest winner with Penumbra Literary and Art Journal, housed in California State University-Stanislaus. In addition, Dawson is recognised as a literary writer through Canada Council for the Arts.

Image: The Aven Stream by Charles Laval (1862-1894). Oil on paper mounted on canvas. 55 cm (21.6 inches) x 46 cm (18.1 inches). 188O. Public domain.