Jason Dean Arnold

The danger of trying

Excursion to the Mountains by Toshikata Mizuno

to make a left onto a busy road
is what worries me each morning.
Attention to changes in the speed
of vehicles approaching
from both directions, while also
remembering the list of things left
to be done before the day begins
and answering your daughter
as she asks for music and more,
can lead to the smallest window
for miscalculation and tragedy.
Every moment has a degree
of possible misfortune, some more
than others. The moments multiply
as time moves forward, inching along
into oncoming traffic.


About the writer:
Jason Dean Arnold’s entire career has been devoted to the importance of education, from teaching in the K-12 setting to designing and teaching online courses for post secondary. He currently serves as the director for E-Learning, Technology, and Communications at the University of Florida’s College of Education. Jason has no ability to compartmentalize. As a result, his writing, visual artwork, and music (and other creative output) are all extensions of his love for learning.

Image: Excursion to the Mountains: Women of the Kyōhō Era (1716-36), from the series Thirty-six Elegant Selections by Toshikata Mizuno (1866-1908). Woodblock print. Size unspecified. 1893. Public domain.