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Jacqueline Hughes Simon


What has brought me here?

That old voice that says—not

you, someone thinner perhaps, but 

not you. I walk like madness, talking

to Flowering Pears capable of regret.

Avoiding swollen Alder pollen-

pods traced like a crime scene.

I want more things dispatched

to me. Not for want of things

but for want of dispatching.

Which means for want of purpose.

Is it grey           or gray             or green?

I beg seeds diminutive as nail clippings

to show themselves in this season of

non-vivid barely blossomed and gone.


About the writer:
Jacqueline Hughes Simon’s writing has appeared in the Apricity Magazine, The Cortland Review, El Portal, Ghost City Review, Boaat Journal, Midwest Quarterly, New South, Okay Donkey, Perceptions Magazine, Pine Hills Review, The Rail, The Round, Stirring: A Literary Collection, Vagabond City, and the anthology Ode to Our Undoing (Risk Press). Jacqueline attended the Napa Valley Writers’ Conference and The Community of Writers’ Writing Conference on numerous occasions. She received her Master of Fine Arts in poetry from Saint Mary’s College of California. Jacqueline is a volunteer and board member of an environmental education nonprofit, where she works with and trains donkeys.

Image: Woman Alone in Front of a Landscape by Berthe Brincour (1879-1947). Oil on canvas. 170 x 170 cm. Between 1905 and 1945. Public domain.

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