Edward Michael Supranowicz

Ain’t Love Grand?

Daybreak 2 by Edward Supranowicz

The couple upstairs are at it again. They swear and threaten each other, have a contest to see who can be the loudest. Practice is supposed to make perfect, but it doesn’t seem to be working for them. They still sound like bad actors reading a bad script, and perhaps they got the scripts mixed up and are not reading from the same one. Anyhow, when he hits her, I call the cops, and he gets arrested for a few days. And when she hits him, I call the cops and he gets arrested since she tells them “he made her do it” And every morning when he leaves for work or the bar, he tells her that he loves her, and she shouts back that she loves him. Oh yes, I noticed her six-year-old daughter talking to her invisible friend, telling that friend that she will never fall in love. Go figure.


About the writer:
Edward Michael Supranowicz has had artwork and poems published in the US and other countries. Both sides of his family worked in the coalmines and steel mills of Appalachia.

Image: Daybreak 2 by Edward Supranowicz. Digital art. No technical information specified. 2020. By permission.