Jerome Berglund


Le Christ pétrifié  by Yves Bady-Dahdah

in Rome
they say the best times
to commit heinous acts are during the festivals
honoring Bacchus; with all the raucous cries
and thundering music
no one will readily detect a thing
only discover the fallout much later
when things have quieted down considerably


About the writer:
A graduate of USC’s Cinema-Television Production program, Jerome Berglund spent a decade in the entertainment industry before returning to the midwest where he was born and raised. He has published short stories at the Watershed Review, a play in Iris Literary Journal, and poetry most recently at Barstow & Grand.

Image: Le Christ pétrifié  by Yves Bady-Dahdah (1942-). Oil on canvas. No size specified. 1982.  By free license.