Judy DeCroce

Walking On

Voice of Silence by Li Chevalier

A twist of time
one seagull
one turning between tides.

Now, I, an empty shack,
push a pain too close to keep.

Scout wanders the shore
watches the pale leftover footprints in sand.

He was just a man, not a sailor lost at sea
and said —
this time would be different

but there hid a sweeping depression
falsely tamed.

Now here we are—
.          a dog with loyalty…
                  me with love.

It didn’t matter.


About the writer:
Judy DeCroce is an internationally published poet, flash fiction writer, and educator. She has been published by Plato’s Cave online, The Poet Magazine, Amethyst Review, North of Oxford, The BeZine, along with many journals and anthologies. Judy is also a professional storyteller and teacher of that genre. She lives and works in upstate New York with her husband poet /artist Antoni Ooto.

Image: Voice of Silence by Li Chevalier (1961-). No medium specified. 137 x 137 cm. 2006. By free license.