Emily Jacko

My First Portrait

The Butterfly Effect Trio by Conor Mccreedy

I dip my paintbrush to each strand

Of your hair. The canvas has imprisoned your

Curls. Then your eyes drip,

all things blue in the world

from my bristles. A hint of white to coral I mix,

and call this one your lips. My muse, I sweep

your jawline and take advantage of

newfound colors. I admire you, dry in sunset

gloss. I used to let you linger

on my palette,

now look what we have become.

You, a portrait above my bed and

I call myself an artist. When someone asks

Who is this? I say

I don’t know but, isn’t she beautiful?


About the writer:
Emily Jacko is an MFA student at Chatham University. She writes about human ideals that are found throughout nature. She also uses extended metaphor in much of her work.

Image: The Butterfly Effect Trio by Conor Mccreedy (1987-). Pigment, oil paint, olive oil and turpentine on Belgian linen. 200 x 200 cm. 2019. By free license.