Anna Idelevich

You lie and think…


Das Hohelied Salamos #12 by Egon Tschierch

You lie and think about how to punish yourself.
Sinner or not, you do not know, beloved, yourself.
We have no mercy, it’s just all over the land
it became quiet, quiet, as if we were not here either.
Sing me midnight jazz… in the darkness.
Sing it to me like an hour in tar.

If you are alone, the wind bent the branches for you.
And he brushed away a wet tear with the rain.
He pulled the jacket at once and turned it towards me.
Don’t let ruin your love at dawn.
Sing me midnight jazz in my sleep.
Sing as if you are in me, in me…


About the writer:
Anna Idelevich is a scientist by profession, Ph.D., MBA, trained in the neuroscience field at Harvard University. She writes poetry for pleasure. Her books and poetry collections include DNA of the Reversed River and Cryptopathos published by the Liberty Publishing House, NY. Anna’s poems were published by Louisville Review and Fleur-de-Lis Press among others.

Image: Das Hohelied Salamos #12 by Egon Tschirch (1889-1948). No medium specified. No size specified. 1923. By free license.