Elizabeth Moura


there they were barely recognizable
classmates sipping soda water

while i tip a few stouts
until i remember all their faces

Untitled: #14 (Abstract Expressionist series) by Sarah Pascual

About the writer:
Elizabeth Moura is influenced by poets such as Doireann Ni Ghriofa and Patrick Kavanagh, fiction writers Colette and Clarice Lispector, and today, Sung Po-jen because it is spring. Moura has published poetry, flash fiction and photographs in The Heron’s Nest, Chrysanthemum, Atlas Poetica, Presence, Shamrock, Flash, Paragraph Planet, Flash Fiction Magazine, Occulum and O:JA&L. Moura lives in East Taunton, Massachusetts.

Image: Untitled: #14 (Abstract Expressionist series) by Sarah Pascual. No medium specified. No size specified. No date specified. By free license.