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Cynthia Good

What’s True

With focusing art from Featured Artist Gery Kempczynski.
Demands of Despair by Gery Kempczynski

We buried my mother’s ashes

We tossed her belongings
.                 into a dumpster

The boys moved away

A new owner bulldozed
.                 the ranch house

surrounded by trees
.                 The apartment kept flooding

We replaced the toilet
.                 twice

The AC broke
.                 I curled on the floor

sobbing a couple days a week
.                 My girlfriend said

a branch not a fist
.                 blacked her eye

I wake up shaking
.                 My dog waits for me

on a cushion
.                 her tail dangling

like a fairytale
.                 A pipe froze behind a wall

and the drip took
.                 two weeks to find


About the writer:
Cynthia Good is an award-winning poet, journalist, former TV news anchor, and author of the new chapbook, What We Do with Our Hands from Finishing Line Press. She has written seven books and launched two magazines. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals including Tupelo Quarterly, Pedestal, and Terminus Magazine.

Image: Demands of Despair by Gery Kempczynski (contemporary). Acrylic on canvas. 16 x 20 inches. By 2023. By permission. Gery Kempczynski is an O:JA&L Featured Artist for June 2023.

About the Featured Artist:
With paintings being displayed in homes, city community centers and hospitals across the United States, Gery Kempczynski, a returning artist to OJAL (Lagniappe, July 2, 2018) is a seasoned professional artist focusing on color, texture, nonfigurative landscapes, and abstract art. Exhibitions include Beverly Art Alliance venues, Arlington Heights Northwest Community Hospital, and The Village of Evergreen Park Center. “When I come to my canvas, I feel free to place brush on canvas and color is set to my mood. As I paint, the production begins to uncover which direction this work will take. Abstracted landscapes allow viewers to find much more in my work other than a simple mountain or a tree, but rather, allow them continually to find within my work special tokens and emblems to enjoy for a lifetime.” 

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