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To experience more work by this writer, click on the title WOLF to explore or download the free PDF chapbook by this writer.

Three Women and Three Wolves by Eugene Grasset

Stars huddled against polar night.
Planets wandering drunkenly.
And the moon, scratching at a dark rubble,
eking out trust by bearing messages,
stark truths and harsh realities
delivered with a cold hand, another language
frosting a windowpane, scrawling the lawn,
causing the dog to stop and wonder —
where is the blood death wrought?
Where is thy bone?

The moon, between indifferent suns.
Her star-bitten kiss and lunatic ruse.
The courier and her blanked page,
its secret passages and silent covenant.
Codex of phonics and gubbins.

She who falls without falling . . .
While tides reach for a hilltop.
While men go mad and turn to stone.
While Wolf questions the keening of existence.


About the writer:
BRUCE MCRAE, a Canadian musician, is a multiple Pushcart nominee with poems published in hundreds of magazines such as Poetry, Rattle and North American Review. The winner of the 2020 Libretto prize and author of four poetry collections and seven chapbooks, his poems have been broadcast and performed globally. His end is certain.

Image: Three Women and Three Wolves by Eugene Grasset (1845-1917). Pencil, watercolor, and India ink with gold highlights on paper. Circa 1892. Public domain. Image has been cropped and color adjusted to purpose.

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