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Ali Rowland

Everything is Rushing

everything is rushing, a poem by Ali Rowland
NWPR Along the Tiburon Hills by Selden Gile

Today there is urgency, in the cold early sun,
everything racing north with the breeze. Silent to us,
deer spook themselves across burnished brown fields,
sheep follow sheep ungainly across the sodden grass,
birds mass and fly, fly en mass, part and push
out towards the sea, the white caps of hills glint,
while the Whin Sill surely whines as the wind warps round it.

And we, in a metal tube on rails, we race too,
making a sound of speed we cannot hear ourselves;
away, to where the land has been hidden under buildings
and where the stones have been carved to stillness.


About the writer:
Ali Rowland is a poet and author from Northumberland. Her poetry is sometimes about her own mental health issues and sometimes about the world in general. She is assisted in her endeavours by a wonderful husband and a beautiful Border Terrier. Ali has been published in Tabula Rasa: Poems by Women (Linen Press), Ten Poems of Kindness Vol. 2 (Candlestick Press), Dreich Magazine, The Frogmore Papers, The Journal, Amsterdam Quarterly, and Obsessed with Pipework.

Image: NWPR Along the Tiburon Hills by Selden Connor Gile (1877-1947). No medium specified. No size specified. Before 1947. Public domain.

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