Alan Clark

The View from Here  

Broken Windows by Kinga Ogieglo

Nine wild turkeys, three loud crows out
pecking at seed I’ve strewn for them
on Delano Driveway, chastened
old oaks still leafed but weary in
their fading yellows, the ever
graying, late October sky offering
colder embellishments of its light,
November’s frown in close approach
and looming, an election all too near
and we atremble at the edge
of these worn out, anxious years and
you’re not here to see them with me:
the gray blue sky, the sheen of beauty
on our turkeys, on our black, sleek crows.

for Lola


About the writer:
A.M. Clark is a poet and artist, the author of Guerrero and Heart’s Blood, and Where They Know. His poems have appeared in The Caribbean Writer, Little Star Journal, About Place, DimeShow Review, East Coast Ink and others.

Image: Broken Windows by Kinga Ogieglo(). Oil and acrylic on paper. 36x48cm. By free license.