Featured Writer Claudia Serea

At the edge of the world

Ophelia by John William Waterhouse

I don’t want to bring anything
but my hollow heart

and place it in a field
of poppies and rapeseed

at the edge of the world.
There will be no wind,

just the buzzing bees
climbing into poppy mouths.

And my heart will lie there,
in the grass,

and the bees will fill it
with honey.


About the writer:
Claudia Serea’s poems have appeared in Field, New Letters, Prairie Schooner, and elsewhere. She has published five poetry collections, most recently TwoXism, a collaboration with photographer Maria Haro (8th House Publishing, 2018). Serea co-hosts The Williams Readings in Rutherford, NJ, and she is a founding editor of National Translation Month.

Image: Ophelia by John William Waterhouse (1849-1917). Oil on canvas. 97.79 x 158.12 cm. 1889. Public domain.