Stella Pierides


Untitled by Manana Tsilikishvili

The shelves in the beauty aisle are piled high with hand creams. Tubes, jars, bottles, tins of brands I never knew existed. So many! I stand here for a while, wondering whether this abundance could be attributed to the forthcoming Brexit. After all, all sorts of strange events in the last couple of years have been attributed to it. I imagine that both remainers and leavers would need a cream to soothe their hands after clapping for one or the other speaker; after rubbing their eyes in disbelief on reading the daily news or covering their ears for hours in the gesture perfectly captured by Munch’s “The Scream.” Could this be it?

late winter
the street dog’s sad


About the writer:
Stella Pierides is the author of the full-length collections Of This World (Red Moon Press, 2017) and In the Garden of Absence (Fruit Dove Press, 2012), both of which received Merit Awards by the Haiku Society of America, among others. Her work has appeared in numerous print and online journals. Stella serves on The Haiku Foundation board of directors.

Image: Untitled by Manana Tsilikishvili. Mixed media on canvas. No size specified. No completion date specified. By permission.