Alan Parker

Deleted Dreams

Art by Bryan Chapman
Spiral to Endless Beginnings by Bryan Chapman

Deleted dreams
.         up
.     into
.         night
.  like
.     a
.         twist
.        of
.     smoke from
a dead campfire


About the writer:
Alan Parker retired from his career as a commercial photographer and returned to hid first love– writing. He was introduced to poetry while at Indiana University by his mentor, the concrete poet Mary Ellen Solt. She taught him to look at words — not only their denotations, and connotations, their histories, but also at their power to move our hearts and minds. She saw words as interesting objects as well and taught him how to use the shape of words and their placement on the page as a part of part of context.

Image: Spiral to Endless Beginnings by Bryan Chapman. Manipulated photograph. No technical information specified. By 2018. By permission.