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Theater Arts: Drama
Plays for Page or Stage

William Ivor Fowkes


The Seeker is a drama by William Ivor Fowkes that is suitable both for reading or stage production. Click on the title to explore or download the free PDF.

The Seeker is a drama by William Ivor Fowkes that is suitable for reading or stage production.
Chalice by Endre Rozsda

Tommy Hamilton is looking for God, love, and sex—but not necessarily in that order.

Tommy Hamilton’s looking for God, love, and sex—but at the moment, he’s in a coma. Reviewing his life, he watches as his 20-year-old self falls in love with a troubled evangelical man in Maine and gradually admits Jesus into his life. His 30-year-old self rejects all religion and lives hedonistically while enjoying a successful career in advertising until a close call during the AIDS epidemic pushes him to seek solace among the followers of a guru in India. When he runs into the man he loved in Maine among these followers, they resume their relationship while struggling with the organization’s homophobia. His 40-year-old self gives up all spiritual quests and finds peace and happiness with a new partner until his life takes another unexpected turn. In the end, he confronts the most troubling spiritual question of all: “Is that all there is?”


About the playwright:
William Ivor Fowkes is a playwright and author based in New York, a member of the Dramatists Guild, and the first graduate of the Dramatists Guild Institute for Dramatic Writing’s certificate program (2022). His plays have been presented in 30 states, the UK, Ireland, and Austria. Many have been presented on the radio, on podcasts, and online. Many have been published, including his full-length play, ALL IN THE FACULTY (Dramatists Play Service). His fiction has been published in many journals. He is also the author of A HEGELIAN ACCOUNT OF CONTEMPORARY ART (Ann Arbor: UMI Research Press). His short play, THE SESSION, was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Fowkes is a graduate of Yale University (B.A.) and Northwestern University (M.A., PhD).

Image: Chalice by Endre Rozsda (1913-1999). No medium specified. No size specified. Circa 1940. By free license.

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