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Art Exhibition Review
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Team NeetiBisht®


Everyone is born with a unique talent, and it takes a trained eye to recognize it and a sturdy ethic to nurture it so that it may bear wholesome fruit. Team NeetiBisht®, under the leadership of Indian artist and entrepreneur Miss. Neeti Bisht, has as its mission to identify, stimulate, and uplift creative minds across the globe. The task of supporting and promoting deserving artistic talent is challenging. To effectively meet this challenge, Team NeetiBisht® offers interested artists not only training and support in artistic disciplines, but also a  variety of  specialized coursework and dedicated activities to foster soft skills, language and personality development. To confirm and reinforce these combined skills, Team NeetiBisht® also organizes and conducts public exhibitions of fine art featuring contemporary themes and issues. Team NeetiBisht® encourages creative minds to acquire suitable skills and ethical perspectives to excel in the real world and provides them with opportunities to meet and learn from artist and non-artist experts.

Since 2020, Team NeetiBisht® has arranged and conducted several offline and online art activities which earned coverage in international media. To encourage women who are actively working in the studio arts, the ART QUEEN program was introduced in 2020, and its corollary program ART KING  was introduced in 2022. Participants say that they “felt celebrated and appreciated” upon  receiving their awards for their achievements in the fine arts.

ART QUEEN 2020 received positive coverage in The Asian Age, Art Affairs, and in other important media. ART QUEEN 2021 received detailed reportage in Art Affairs, International Coaching News (UK), Sanatim (Turkey), and in other media outlets.  In addition, in 2022, national and international newspapers published articles on the ART QUEEN program.

New Delhi, India, hosted the 2023 Group Art Exhibition from Feb 24-26. This year’s art explored the theme –“Crime vs Humanity“– and championed a cause – “Building Moral Values.” The creations in categories of Painting, Photography, and Literature were displayed to appreciative daily audiences at Artizen Art Gallery, Plot 1-2, BahadurShah Zafar Marg, New Delhi-110002.

Among the many inspiring works, both visual and literary, were Venice: City of Love by Ms. Anju Ahlawat, Circle of Life by Mrs. Chakor Gupta, Turquoise River by Ms. Rita, Poem by Mrs. Swati Sharma, Alone by Mrs. Minarva Sahoo, Sunset on the Pira Panjal Range, Heart of An Angel, Angry Lonely Hungry Artic Bear Cub Crying Out for Her Mother by Vivek Singh, “What’s love,” a poem by Miss. Neeti, “Birds” by Mrs. Chetna, “Untitled” by Francisco Perez Alonso and Kalai Selvi and beautiful creations by several other artists/photographers were on display to admiring crowds.

Ms. Aadya Tyagi, Mr. Kartik Sharma, Mrs. Anju Ahlawat and Mrs. Roopa Jain won free entry to ART KING and ART QUEEN -2023. Mr. Alonso and Mr. Saffet Tuncel won free entry to the next art exhibition.


About the event organizer:
Miss. Neeti Bisht is a multilingual Indian. She was invited as a “Guest of Honor” twice by the AR Foundation. She is author of the book Delhi Born and co-author of the anthology The Epiphany of Words. She won Runners Up title-Delhi in Empress universe-2018, ART QUEEN 2020 title. Miss. Neeti Bisht lives a spiritual lifestyle and resides with her parents in New Delhi, India. Miss Neeti Bisht has long been a tireless promoter of women’s empowerment.

About Team NeetiBisht®:
Team NeetiBisht® conducts TNA (Training Needs Analysis) for both governmental and private-sector enterprises, especially in the Engineering and IT industries. Team NeetiBisht® can be reached from Monday – Friday (11:00 AM-05:00 PM IST) through Linkedin.

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