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O:JA&L Featured Artist Masters Series
2023 Portfolio Spotlights

Studio Arts: Digital Art

Edward Michael Supranowicz

Edward Michael Supranowicz is the grandson of Irish and Russian/Ukrainian immigrants. He grew up on a small farm in Appalachia. He has a graduate background in painting and printmaking. Some of his artwork has recently or will soon appear in Fish Food, Streetlight, Another Chicago Magazine, The Door Is a Jar, The Phoenix, and The Harvard Advocate. He is also a published poet with several Pushcart Prize nominations. Edward Supranowicz is a frequent contributor to O:JA&L.

Sorrow Comes for You by Edward Supranowicz


Lost and Alienated by Edward Supranowicz


The Night Sings by Edward Supranowicz


Laughing Shroud #3 by Edward Supranowicz


Woman Tormented by the Moon by Edward Supranowicz


Shadow Walking Through the Day by Edward Michael Supranowicz


Daybreak 2 by Edward Supranowicz


Toy Train Collision 2b by Edward Supranowicz


off the deep end by Edward Michael Supranowicz


Temptations of the Flesh 3 by Edward Supranowicz via GIMP


The Cities That Live Inside Us by Edward Supranowicz via GIMP


Swimming in a Sea of Doubt by Edward Supranowicz


Trying to Get Off the Grid by Edward Supranowicz


Crossing a Broken Street by Edward Supranowicz
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