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O:JA&L Featured Artist Masters Series:

Richard Hanus

Mixed Media Portfolio
“A Numbered Series”

ORH5341 by Richard Hanus

Richard Hanus spent more than 30 years teaching literature and writing, from which he gathered an understanding and respect for variety in form and content. Such habits of perception have played key roles in his 20 years of art, and to a greater extent, other aspects of his life, especially in his embrace of Zen and in his strong belief for showing love, no matter what may occur in the “outside world.” He disdains art fairs, galleries, and all other “for profit” venues because money brings with it the inevitable compromise of standards. Thus, he can claim credit to no awards, no exhibitions, and no contamination of the “arts for art’s sake” principle. He thinks art is to be enjoyed for its beauty, creativity, and other characteristics that make seeing it worthwhile, free from the specter of the dollar.

He has practiced art on a regular basis for more than 20 years, enrolling in the only class he’s taken in 1998. Lacking sophisticated representational skills, he learned to succeed through innovation and experiment, using a wide array of the usual materials and adding the more arcane, i.e., bleach, laundry detergent, juices from berries, table salt, sugar, and drain cleaner, to name a few. He has noted in the past few years an increasing reliance on chance over purpose, especially in regard to color mixtures and arrangement. He makes a studied effort to avoid seeing the work of other artists, not wishing to stain the purity of his own visions. His preferred subject is what he feels like doing on any given day. To date, he has published about 40 pictures in art and literature magazines.

The images in this virtual exhibit bear numbers rather than titles. Richard Hanus has no scheduled exhibitions and has no desire to sell anything.

ORH5346 by Richard Hanus


IMG_8941 by Richard Hanus


ORH5277 by Richard Hanus


ORH5308 by Richard Hanus


IMG_8938 by Richard Hanus


ORH5246 by Richard Hanus


IMG_8941 by Richard Hanus


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