Hege A. Jakobsen Lepri

Wednesday. April.

Danish Countryside: Gray Weather by L.A. Ring

We’re into the fourth week, and life has become an eternal Wednesday. We eat forgettable Wednesday dinners, watch bland shows that won’t make us think of people and places we may never see again. Keep our heads low. We don’t need to examine the signs and numbers that try to predict our future. Tomorrow will be another Wednesday.

Maybe we’re making mountains out of hump days. Sheltering inside in place—locked out of time–shouldn’t be this hard. All the time we stayed awake through Waiting for Godot should have been good for something.

Time falls into the cracks in my hands. Too much washing. Not enough social lubricant.

We still go out, but late, just as other people are having dinner. We keep our distance. Some days we watch them eat through lit windows. It makes us glow for a moment, this cold, cold April, where there is snow in the air almost every Wednesday.

and yet it’s spring
the bluebells outside
spreading like virus
the deep
bruises within


About the writer:
Hege Jakobsen Lepri is a Norwegian-Canadian translator and writer. She had her first story published in English in 2013 and that has since been her writing language. Though she’s primarily a prose writer, her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in untethered, The Maybnard, Prism International, Haiku journal, Under the Basho, Anti-Heroin Chic, Better than Starbucks, Watch your Head and Burning House Press. She has also been part of The Emerging Writers Reading Series in Toronto.

Image: Danish Countryside: Gray Weather by L.A. Ring (1854-1933). Oil on canvas. 15.7 x 24 inches. 1903. Public domain.