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Mixed Forms: Sequential Art Narrative

James Notarianni

Alchemy of the Mind

Alchemy of the Mind is a sequential art narrative about creative expression and about being your own whole person, about finding creativity in the most wonderful and in the most ordinary places, and about dealing with mental and physical struggles. This short graphic novella, a contemporary sequential artwork, presents a story about discovering artistic creativity and at the same time using that creativity to discover oneself.


About the writer/creator:
James Notarianni graduated with an MA in Illustration at University of Arts, London in 2019, and the work presented here is a reflection of his program of studies. Alchemy of the Mind is his expression of the bond between imagery and text. The two modes of expression are presented here as entirely equal– the imagery encapsulates the words and the words are embedded within the imagery, a blended form of storytelling that pushes the boundaries of narrative. Determined to be a comic book artist, Notarianni found peace and harmony in the discipline:  “When I was studying, I became comfortable and confident in my artistic abilities as they are and did not try to be the next comic artist superstar. This work tells the visual story of this journey and comments upon the culture of comics itself.”  Instagram handle : @jimnazium321

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