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Steve Gerson


Explore more work by Steve Gerson in his new PDF chapbook There is a Season
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Desert Landscape with Found Objects by Bud Holman

IN LATE AUGUST, within the scrub between Terlingua and San Vicente, when sunset stroked the Chisos oak like guitar notes, each leaf flutter glimmering as weak starshine in gray dusk, I’d hold Dad’s hand as we walked the land, our feet marking progress like notes on a staff, his step bass to my treble, and he’d hum Vince Gill’s “Go rest high on that mountain” in the deep rumble of thunder or quote Shakespeare. He’d stop and wipe his brow with a stained chambray sleeve, torn from his brush against a prickly pear. He looked left at a herd of heifers, as skittish as javelinas, cows staring like a Greek chorus, their mournful lowing a soundtrack to his soliloquy. I saw his amber eyes go pale as Yucca flowers. Our world was a stage along Boot Canyon, his exit cachectic, he as fragile as the rock nettle at our feet drying into airlessness in the summer heat.

boot heels worn down
like a stooped old man
the road’s dust settled on dying weeds


About the writer:
STEVE GERSON writes poetry and flash about life’s dissonance. He has published in CafeLit, Panoplyzine, Crack the Spine, Decadent Review, Vermilion, In Parentheses, Wingless Dreamer, Big Bend Literary Magazine, Coffin Bell, and more, plus his chapbooks Once Planed Straight; Viral; And the Land Dreams Darkly; and The 13th Floor: Step into Anxiety from Spartan Press.

Image: Desert Landscape with Found Objects by Bud Holman (1926-2023). No medium specified. No size specified. 1964-1970. By free license.

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