Jennifer Hambrick


The Muse Standing by an Open Window by Hennie Niemann Jnr.

She jumps each time he makes a fist.  A patch of faded orange fire surrounds her.  Her eyes are inked kohl-black circles, her mouth a straight dark line.  A cross hangs from her neck.  She hides behind a veil of brown hair.  I saw her on a deck of cards, he tells the bartender, but it kinda feels good to have her around.

mellow evening
a mantis prays
in the river grass

The bartender looks for a moment, then nods and places a newly dried tiki glass on a shelf behind the bar.  Another soda and lime, Sir?  Or something stronger?

Nah, the man says, I don’t drink.


About the writer:
A Pushcart Prize nominee, Jennifer Hambrick won First Place in the 2018 Haibun Competition of the Haiku Society of America, is the inaugural artist-in-residence at Bryn Du Mansion, and authored the poetry collection Unscathed (NightBallet Press). Her poems appear in The American Journal of Poetry, Santa Clara Review, The Main Street Rag, Maryland Literary Review, The Haibun Journal, Mayfly, Modern Haiku, and elsewhere. She has received numerous poetry commissions and awards.

Image: The Muse Standing by an Open Window by Hennie Niemann Jnr. Oil on linen. 127.5 x 55 cm. 2020. By free license.