Michael Meyerhofer

In the Event of Your Parents’ Murder

For Adam West

The Living and the Dead by Marianne von Werefkin

May your gestures cause language
to blossom in technicolor
across the forehead of the fourth wall.

May your convertible sport a thruster
and an implausible turning radius.
May you always be too cool for stairs.

May your belt contain the world
in all its richness, its wild serendipity.
And if that same world masks you,

may such a mask have eyebrows
to distract from your jawline,
that telltale torpor in your gaze.


About the writer:
Michael Meyerhofer‘s fifth poetry book, Ragged Eden, was published by Glass Lyre Press. He has been the recipient of the James Wright Poetry Award, the Liam Rector First Book Award, the Brick Road Poetry Book Prize, and other honors. His work has appeared in many journals including Hayden’s Ferry, Rattle, Brevity, Tupelo Quarterly, and Ploughshares. He is also the author of a fantasy series and the Poetry Editor of Atticus Review.

Image: The Living and the Dead by Marianne von Werefkin (1860-1838). No medium specified. No size specified. Before 1939. Public domain.