Lisa Masé

Wild Water
Surfacing by Nathan Ramer

Dog River bulges
elegant like milky coffee,
ambles wide
between River Road traffic
and empty granite sheds,
rushing then slowing
into tiny ripples.

I remember Rishikesh
thick and hot,
Ganga so cold
I could barely
dip my toe at first;
just sat and watched
water buffaloes
eat mango skins
while the river
devoured my heart.

Then, thin sadhus arrived
to wash their red robes.

I dove deep, surfaced breathless
into that sacred world
where everything is so loud
you have to pray to hear yourself.

Wild water, shine me over
until I am a worn pebble
adorned in your changing grace.


About the writer:
Lisa Masé has been writing poetry since childhood. She teaches poetry workshops for Montpelier, Vermont’s Poem City events, co-facilitates a writing group, and has translated the poetry of writers from Italy, France, and the Dominican Republic. Her chap book, Heart Breaks Open, was published by the Sacred Poetry Contest.

Image: Surfacing by Nathan Ramer (2006- ). No medium specified. No size specified. By 2019. By permission.