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Marcia J. Pradzinski

In Waves       

 ~after Eleni Sikelianos

Sunset by Felix Vallatton

A red longing feathers my arms
when I hear the word sunset,

not sunset but sculling:
to drown the day’s wounds

I drop the oars down and hear

.                a loon

I feel the song pull away
.                from my heart
.                       to hide under the wings
.                                 of a ghost
.                                           in moon’s crisp light –

the notes casting a supple shadow.


About the writer:
Marcia J Pradzinski has a Writer’s Certificate as well as university degrees in English Literature, a BS and MA. Her poetry has appeared in publications such as RHINO, After Hours, Paper Swans Press UK, Blue Heron Review, Ekphrastic Review, and Pirene’s Fountain. Finishing Line Press published Pradzinski’s chapbook, Left Behind, in 2015. She has received awards in the Jo-Anne Hirshfield Memorial Poetry Contest and the Highland Park Poetry Challenge.

Image: Sunset by Felix Vallatton (1865-1925). Oil on canvas. No size specified. Unknown date. Public domain.

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