Flash Nonfiction|Personal Essay, Memoir, Vignette, CNF||jamilla vandyke-bailey|”candles in the wind”

Buttonhook Press|Special Release||Mary-Margaret Grant|”Queer Crush: Places”|A Multimedia Film Project

Flash Nonfiction|Personal Essay/Memoir/Vignette||Stephanie Elizabeth Mohr|”Soles”

Flash Nonfiction|Personal Essay, Memoir, Vignette||Karineh Arutyunova|“VOICES”|Translated by Lena Mandel

Flash Nonfiction|Personal Essay, Memoir, Vignette||Lydia Gwyn|”The Highest Point/Emptiness, Standing Still/All Dreams Speak to Life”

Flash Nonfiction|CNF/Memoir||Lori Rottenberg|”1940 Census”

Flash Discourse: Nonfiction|CNF/Memoir||Lori Rottenberg|”Inheritance”

Featured Series: Experimental Discourse|Luis Lopez-Maldonado|”Overqualified:”

Prose Discourse: CNF|Mark Olmstead|”ink”

Featured Writer Kent Dixon|Flash Discourse: CNF|”Geeker Pray to His God” (from WIP Jailhouse Rock)

Featured Writer Kent Dixon|Flash Discourse: CNF|”Three by Marty”

Flash Discourse: CNF|Kit Carlson|”What Sadie Knew”