Buttonhook Press|Special Release||Mary-Margaret Grant|”Queer Crush: Places”|A Multimedia Film Project

Americana|Prose Discourse|Short Fiction to 5000 Words||Mike Murray|”MIDNIGHT AT THEIR OASIS”

Prose Discourse: Fiction|Short Story||Kim Farleigh|”EXTENDING PRIVILEGES”

Experimental Discourse (XP): Fiction|Flash Fiction||Jim Meirose|”The Keys”

Experimental Discourse (XP): Fiction|Short Story||Jim Meirose|”Deep Fry”

Experimental Discourse (XP): Fiction|Short Story||Jim Meirose|”Auxx-Coo the Computational Man – ALIVE!!!”

Featured Series: Experimental Discourse|Interview|”Contributing Editor WJP Newnham|talks with UWA’s Catherine Noske”