Sheila E. Murphy


Image 4 by Sheila E. Murphy

 One quiet flower in a field of lavender collects the mind, the eye, finds rest. A postcard photograph turned real, a whispered life page. In which chores remain the chores, these filaments of near completion. If I tell you what I know, then will you know as well? Complicit history reveals a lip-read tattle told when young. Interpretation is an act (to follow). Pieces unassembled reach beyond a finish line hypothesized. The senses catch attention like a cold. Look over there. Monastic feeling holds the ground in place as fragrance casts aspersions on unfinished business until passed. Were you ever my age? Revival is a word transcending captions. Hear the voice beneath each language still intact.

Removal of the thorn as gap analysis, an aftermath of seeming one divided


About the writer:
Sheila E. Murphy, Ph.D, is an American text and visual poet who has been actively publishing since 1978. She is the recipient of The Gertrude Stein Award for her book Letters to Unfinished J (Green Integer Press, 2003). She lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Image: Image 4 by Sheila E. Murphy.