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HIGH BUTTON PRESS Contemporary Art
The 2024 O:JA&L Featured Artist Masters Series
Portfolio Spotlights

Bette Ridgeway


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Made available online and/or printed by license in the USA and elsewhere as a novelty and commemorative document celebrating the publication of Bette Ridgeway‘s Chapbook.

About the artist:
BETTE RIDGEWAY has exhibited with more than eighty museums, universities, and galleries, including Palais Royale, the Embassy of Madagasgar, London Art Bienniule, Swiss Art Expo, and Ventana Fine Art. Ms Ridgeway is represented by ten galleries. Her prestigious awards include the Michaelangelo International Prize, Leonardo DaVinci Prize, and Oxford University Alumni Prize/Chianciano Art Museum. Mayo Clinic and the Federal Reserve Bank host Ridgeway’s permanent public placements, in addition to her presence in private collections and her several commissions. Many books and publications have featured her work, including Magazine 43, Berlin, Hong Kong, Manila; LandEscape Art Review, London, New York; Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, Dubai. In addition to these professional achievements, Ridgeway has authored several books about her art and process.

Image: Transformation by Bette Ridgeway. Acrylic on canvas. 48 x 44 inches. By permission.

OJAL Art Incorporated, publishing since 2017 as OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters (O:JA&L) and its imprints Buttonhook Press, HOT BUTTON PRESS Contemporary Issues, and HIGH BUTTON PRESS Contemporary Art, supports writers and artists worldwide.

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