Sheila E. Murphy

Her Sister Nikki Carved a Birdhouse of St. Francis

Image 2 by Sheila E. Murphy

 We had the open picture on our stairwell of the hand that fed the birds. A halo and a mild look on his face captured the pure democracy of yards and space. How sainthood shows the other needing others. And how pure is wood and knives that shape it so. We had his eye light know the breadcrumbs shared still shapes, the world and happiness, connective tissue of eternity that ever purifies this one world, this place, impeccable continued present tense removing from our sphere the greed forced loss this moment where the one becomes the other and the other is the real.

Soft wood, clear thought, angel everlasting hands


About the writer:
Sheila E. Murphy, Ph.D, is an American text and visual poet who has been actively publishing since 1978. She is the recipient of The Gertrude Stein Award for her book Letters to Unfinished J (Green Integer Press, 2003). She lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Image: Image 2 by Sheila E. Murphy.