Peter Fong

The Mature Learner (Prague)

Odalisque by Georg Pauli

After he left the flat, she could not rid her mind of a popular song. Not only the tune, but the words: “I want Candy.” She could not decipher their meaning, but then English was such a mystery. The flat was spare. The spare was flat. He had given her this language and she treasured it. There was so much of life in its transactions. She immediately began planning to meet again, at another flat if he desired (she did indeed have a spare). Although the need was not yet urgent, she would dig the well before she was thirsty.


About the writer:
Peter Fong’s work has appeared in American Fiction, Gray’s Sporting Journal, the New York Times, and many other publications. Fong’s first novel, Principles of Navigation, won the 2012 New Rivers Press Electronic Book Competition.

Image: Odalisque by Georg Pauli (1855-1935). Color on canvas. 64 x 120 cm. 1881. Public domain.