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Hermione Laake


Amiiry by Todd Schaffer

Detartrated. Tattarrattat. The person who wrote that was almost deified. And not even God or god can be categorised as a palindrome, since the word is not. No, backwards it means dog. I refer you to madam. Which makes me a living and breathing kind of palindrome. If, that is, I am a madam. If you are French speaking you will not have the privilege of being called madam, but madame. The addition of the extra ‘e’, making you redundant in this sought-after category. But then if your name is Luc you can have a whole sentence devoted to your share of the palindrome: Et Luc colporte trop l’occulte. This means that Luke steals the occult too much; which is crazy, since it is meaningless, rather like Tattarrattat; except that Tattarrattat is onomatopoeia which makes it meaningful.


About the writer:
Hermione Laake, also writing as Hermione Wilds, is an awards-nominated writer and associate of The Society of Authors. Wilds/Laake has written flash fiction and several novels for children, as well as a novella in the experimental fiction category. Wilds/Laake is currently writing her second novella and completed her MA in Creative Writing in 2021.

Image: Amiiry by Todd Schaffer (contemporary). Tingatinga art. Oil on canvas. 76 x 76 cm. 2011. By free license.

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