Colleen M. Farrelly

Ditch Day

We play hooky and drive to Chicago so I can see you and he can shop. Fat flakes fall flatly—even in the wind—as I dash from his car to the hospital entrance. A blanket quickly covers the cityscape outside your penthouse-of-the-moment like the blanket hiding your PICC line. Your bestie likens the situation to a Sex in the City episode. You laugh but would rather watch Stepbrothers. He picks me up before your next round of chemo. Whistling winds and a foot of flakes overtakes his Mini Cooper.

life skids
to a sudden stop—
last ditch day


About the writer:
Colleen M. Farrelly is a freelance writer in Florida whose haibun have recently appeared in Haibun Today, Contemporary Haibun Online, the other bunny, Frogpond, Night to Dawn, Under the Basho, Bleached Butterfly, cattails, Leading Edge, Failed Haiku, Scifaiku, Femku, and Voice of Eve, among others. She’s currently writing a machine learning textbook.

Image: Cityscape with Snow. Photo by Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash.