Morgen Eljot


Lalli is a figure from the legends of Finland. In 1156, according to the story, Lalli murdered the local Bishop Henry of Uppsala, who had tried to convert Lalli’s family to Christianity.

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About the writer:
Morgen Eljot is a graphic novelist and painter whose stories and comics have appeared in publications such as ZYZZYVA, Doctor T.J.Eckleburg Review, Palooka, Eclectica, Rumpus, Hobart and JUKED. Eljot has a MFA in Creative Writing from SFSU and spends time between San Francisco and Helsinki.

Image: St. Henry of Uppsala, bishop and martyr, standing on top of his assassin Lalli, with Bishop Konrad Bitz, who commissioned the Missale Aboense, and Dean Magnus Stiernkors kneeling at his side by an unknown artist. Illustration in the Missale Aboense. Also shown is the printer’s mark of Bartholomäus Ghotan. 1488. Public domain.