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Hermione Laake, Contributing Editor

How to Submit via Submittable

What is Submittable?
Submittable is a cloud-based submission management system.
You can submit to multiple publications via Submittable.
Some of the publications charge a small fee for submissions

How To:

  • Search for Submittable.com
  • Click on the sign in button
  • Create an account (This is an easy process, which requires that you enter an email address and password.)

Once you are registered, from the dropdown menu select “Menu.”

Currently there are four drop down bars headed:

  1. Submissions: Use the submissions bar to submit your work and track the progress of your work. Once you have submitted you should see a status pop-up which will say in-progress/active/declined/withdrawn.
  1. Discover: Use the discover button to select filters which are appropriate to your individual requirements. Currently at the time of writing, these are “following” “deadlines” “no fee” and “no deadlines” These will help you to manage your submissions and get the most out of Submittable.
  1. Saved: This is the area for you to click on competitions or opportunities you like and save them, which means you can return to them later.
  1. Follow: This speaks for itself.

What to do before you submit:

  • Research the appropriate publication for your submission and check beforehand what the guidelines are for the submission; there are usually specific guidelines for line spacing, font type and size.
  • Are there fees? What are the deadlines?
  • Follow any guidance for preparing a professional biography on individual publication websites.
  • Prepare your biography before you submit, and check this for errors. Usually the biography will be 50-100-150 words long and will be written in the third person. O:JA&L has published “How To” guidance for their biographies to help you prepare a professional version.

After submitting:

  • Don’t expect an immediate or prompt response. The waiting time can be from 5 minutes to up to 2 years.
  • It is usually inappropriate to inquire about the status of a submissions before a ninety-day period has passed.

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