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The Buttonhook Press Pamphlet Series

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Safe Spaces: A Pretty Lie
Editorials on Issues of Poetic Practice by Rachel Custer

Against Art as a Radical Subjectivity
Editorials on Issues of Poetic Practice by Rachel Custer

Songs on the Way to God: A Theory of Poetics
Editorials on Issues of Poetic Practice by Rachel Custer

The Artistic Power of Silence: On Letting Art Speak for Itself
Editorials on Issues of Poetic Practice by Rachel Custer

Special Edition: Experimental Discourse
…are serious offenses, and…
A closet drama in two acts by Anthony Hamilton

How to Love a Headstone
Poetry by Sloane Asakura

The Last of the Gallants
Poetry by Atar Hadari


Poetry by Amanda Leal

Deer in Fog at Twilight Near Squalicum Lake Road
Poetry by Richard Widerkehr

Democracy has Lifted Up Its Voice
Poetry by Mike Puican

2YC Review: The Works
Poetry and creative prose by members of the Two-Year College Caucus at AWP

Poetry by Ellis Elliott

Poetry by Amanda Leal

Study of Burkas
A poem by Dana Sonnenschein

The Open Window
Flash vignettes by O.G. Rose

Light in the Cathedral: Russian/English Poems
Poetry in two languages by Andrey Gritsman


Poems for Families
Poetry by Kirby Olson

Mogollon Rim
Poetry by Allisa Cherry

Poetry by John-Michael Bloomquist

Poem scrawled on a maize-sheaf for her (last offering)
Poetry and art by Arturo Desimone

The Curve of the Open Page
A poem by Bruce Bond

Murder in the House: The “Nutshells” of Frances Glessner Lee
Poetry by Jessica Purdy

War and Riff
Haibun by Keith Polette

Family Photo of America
Poetry by Lynn Potts

Chester River Reverie
Poetry by Priscilla Long

Salton Sea
A short story by Mike Murray

The Fiddler
Poetry by Tim Hunt

A Balloon Called Young America
Poetry by Jennifer Clark

High Fashion
Featured Collaboration
Poetry by Adjei Agyei-Baah & Fine Art Photography by Jerome Berglund


Perseus with the Head of Medusa
Editorial by Guest Editor Mike McGrath

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