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Buttonhook Press Special Release

Mary-Margaret Grant

Queer Crush: Places

A multimedia film project

Click on the title to view the offering in YouTube.

Pines and Rocks by Paul Cezanne


Queer Crush: Places tells the story of an obsessive and transformative crush using a pastiche of original illustrations, photos, and editing techniques to create motion and active participation in the narrative. The film brings to life, humorously and poignantly and nostalgically, what it was like to experience a crush as a bookish preadolescent in the 1970s. A coming of age narrative, Places is also a loving tribute to coming of age novels that many of us will have loved as well. Above all, the short film is intended to inspire people who wouldn’t have embarked on such a project to do so.

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About the writer/director/creator:
Mary Margaret Grant is a teacher, storyteller, and art class dropout. She is currently at work on “Apostle Crush,” a D.I.Y. film about reading the gospels from a queer and feminist point of view.

Image: Pines and Rocks by Paul Cezanne (1839-1906). Oil on canvas. 32 x 25.7 inches. 1897. Public domain.

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